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South Coast Surety The Bond Only Agency Surety Bonds for All States, All Bonds, All Credit Surety for contract bonds, license bonds, performance bonds and all hard to place surety bonds

South Coast Surety


Construction Surety Experts All you need to do: 

Express Contract Applications up to
$1,000,000 Single
$1,500,000 Aggregate
Simply download the Express Form, complete,
and submit it with the bond (bid or final) requirements
It's Just That Easy

This Special Program
for Small & Medium Contractors

Approved In-House

Basic Underwriting Requirements are:

  • Good Personal Credit

  •  3 Year Experience in this field
    Projects that can be completed in 36 months or less

  • No excessive warranty periods or
    excessive Liquidated Damages

  •  Project size within the size & scope of the normal projects the contractor has completed or supervised

For Single jobs up to $400,000*

  • Complete and sign the Contract Express Bond Application in detail

  • Send  the Application with

  • Copy of the Contract or Bid Request Title Page

  • Bid bond or Performance bond and Payment bond forms

For Single jobs up to $1,000,000*

For Single Bonds over $350 ,000 and Aggregate Programs over $700,000 financials required*

For Aggregate Bond Programs up to $800,000*

For Aggregate Bond Programs up to $1,500,000*

  • All the Above plus:

  • 2-3 yrs Business Financials

Click Here For Express Contract Bond Application Form

Need Larger Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds and Payment Bonds ?

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Required Information For Establishing  a Standard Contract Surety Bond Line

Already Approved? Get your Bid Bond, Performance Bond and Payment bond
request form
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