The Mystery of Non-Construction Contract Surety Bonds

Since 1893, the federal government has required contractors to obtain bonds for federal public works projects to assure performance of the contract and payment to certain laborers and materials suppliers. The federal law mandating surety bonds is the Miller Act of 1935. Most states and local jurisdictions have similar legislation, commonly referred to as “Little [...]

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How Can a Contractor Increase Their Bonding Capacity?

How can a contractor take it's bonding capacity to the next level? Steven Swartz PRESIDENT/CEO South Coast Surety Construction Executive magazine featured Steve in their 14th annual 'Contractor's Guide to Surety Bonding' where he answers the question that many contractors have - how does a contractor grow their surety bonding capacity? Steven Swartz: "Some might [...]

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Life of a Surety MGA

  Walking the line of a surety producer/agent and surety underwriter on the surface sounds difficult. In practice, it is just that… Challenging. Entering the world of surety over twenty-five years ago, after years in the finance/banking industry, was a fairly smooth transition. Having worked as a consumer and business bank loan officer for small [...]

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5 Top Reasons for Contractors to Seek Surety Bond Support

  Learn Why Surety Bonding Support Is Important For Contractors, And How To Get It. Some contractors try to avoid bonded jobs, with the following methods: Only bidding where bonding is not required. Bidding under prime contractor's bond Advocating for bond waivers Advocating for alternative insurance/guarantee products Unfortunately that makes it much harder to win [...]

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