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Components of a Business Financial Statement
for your Surety Bond Submission

Surety Bond Financial Statements

A business financial statement is comprised of two parts. 

They are a Balance Sheet and an Income Statement (Profit & Loss). 
Each should include:

Balance Sheet:
(Must be as of a specific day, i.e. 12/31/2003)

Current Assets:

Fixed Assets:

  • Cash & Cash Equivalents*

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Other Current Assets

  • Total Current Assets

  • Real Estate Equipment

  • Other Long Term Assets

  • Total Assets

Current Liabilities:

 Long Term Liabilities and Net Worth:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Loans Due in 12 months

  • Current Portion of Long Term Debt

  • Other Current Liabilities

  • Total Current Liabilities

  • Real Estate Debt

  • Other Long Term Debt

  • Total Liabilities

  • Net Worth (Total Assets less Total Liabilities)

  • Total Liabilities and Net Worth


Income & Expense Statement:
(Must be as of a period of time, i.e. 12 months year end)



  • Gross Sales

  • Less Cost of Goods Sold

  • Net Sales

  • Other income

  • Total Income

  • Itemized Expense Categories

  • Total Expenses

  • Net Income

*For non CPA prepared statements: 
Bank and Investment Account statements for the same period must be included to verify amounts shown.

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