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South Coast Surety Provides Contractors and Developers Responsive and Responsible Contract Bond and Sub-Division Bond Support. Get Bonded by the Best.

We Provide Contract Surety Bonds for: 
Construction ContractorsConstruction SubcontractorsSupply Contracts and Service Contractors

We Write All Contract and Subdivision Bonds:

 Contract Bonds: Bid Bonds, Payment & Performance Bonds, Maintenance Bonds, Warranty Bonds

Subdivision Bonds: Site Improvement Bonds, Plat Bonds, Completion Bonds, Grading Bonds, DRE Bonds, Shoring Bonds

When you're looking for contract bonding support, it's best to find a contract surety agency that has:

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 Bid Bonds

Contract Bonds from South Coast Surety

A Bid Bond is issued by the Surety to the owner of the project in lieu of a required cash deposit. The cash deposit (usually 10% of the bid amount) is subject to full or partial forfeiture if the contractor is the low bidder and fails to either execute the contract or provide the required Performance and/or Payment Bonds. In other words, the bid bond assures and guarantees that should the bidder offer the low bid, the bidder will execute the contract and provide the required surety bonds.

Use the same applications as Performance / Payment Bonds

For Contracts up to $1,000,000 See Below

Performance / Payment Bonds

For the Contractor just looking for construction bond support, South Coast Surety will provide you the tools and information needed to attain a surety bond line of credit.

We will assist and guide you in qualifying for the most support at the lowest rate


Subdivision Bonds 

Subdivision Bonds are Site Improvement, Plat, Completion, or simply Performance Bonds. 

The key difference between subdivision bonds from regular contract performance bonds is that the owner/developer (the principal) has to pay the cost of building the bonded improvements rather than the public agency (the obligee). 

Not all sureties write subdivision bonds. 

South Coast Surety and the surety companies we represent are well experienced in providing developer bond support. 

Click Here for your Subdivision bond applications

Get a Contract Bond Line Review Today

For the Contractor experienced in using contract bond support, South Coast Surety can review your current support levels and rates.

Our review will confirm that you presently have the best program available or that we can improve on your surety bond support.


 Easy Contract Express Bond Program
Small and Medium Contract Bond for All States Easy Qualify Surety Bond Program


Express Contract Applications up to
$1,000,000 Single
$1,500,000 Aggregate

Quick Response with In-House Authority
Challenged credit can be supported

See Express Contract Surety
 for all
 performance bonds, payment bonds and bid bonds

For Information on the Contract Express Program Start Here

For the Contract Express Bond Application Click Here

Basic Underwriting Requirements are:
Good Personal Credit
3 Year Experience in this field
Projects that can be completed in 36 months or less
No excessive warranty periods
or excessive Liquidated Damages
Project size within the size & scope of the normal projects
the contractor has completed or supervised

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