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Pension Trust / ERISA BondsERISA Pension Trust surety bond

An ERISA  Bond Designed to Protect Your Valuable Pension Programs

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What are Pension Trust/ ERISA Bonds?

Many companies today offer pension plans and/or profit sharing programs as part of a benefit package for their employees. These programs are managed by appointed individuals associated with that company’s plan, known as fiduciaries. To protect the plan and the money in these funds from fraud and dishonesty, the appointed fiduciaries need to be bonded. 

Why Is This ERISA Bond Needed? 

The Pension Reform Act of 1974 (also known as ERISA - Employee Retirement and Income Security Act) states that the funds of pension or profit sharing plans must be protected under a fidelity bond for 10% of the amount of funds handled. As an example, a person who manages a profit sharing program that involves $250,000 in funds must post a bond for $25,000. The Commercial Blanket fidelity bond available from our surety partner Surety Bonding Company of America satisfies this requirement at a reasonable cost.

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Commercial Blanket Fidelity*

ERISA Bond Rates for Pension Plan Bonds

Under the Pension Reform Act of 1974 - ERISA


ERISA bond limits and 3 year term
Bond Amount    
$10,000       $160  
$12,500       $160  
$15,000       $160  
$17,500       $160  
$20,000       $160  
$25,000       $160  
$30,000       $177  
$35,000       $195  
$40,000       $213  
$45,000       $231  
$50,000       $249  
$75,000       $267  
$100,000       $285  
$125,000       $300  
$150,000       $313  
$175,000       $326  
$200,000       $339  
$225,000       $352  
$250,000       $365  
$275,000       $378  
$300,000       $391  
$325,000       $404  
$350,000       $417  
$375,000       $430  
$400,000       $443  
$425,000       $456  
$450,000       $469  
$475,000       $482  

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