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Michigan Surety Bonds

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  • Lost Instrument Bond, Signed
  • Name Schedule Fidelity Bond
  • Notary Public E & O Group Policy, Signed
  • Official Bond and Oath (All State), Signed
  • Power of Attorney (Irrevocable/R-Series)
  • Public Official Position Schedule Bond
  • MI (Bay County) Highway Permit Bond
  • MI (Bloomfield Township) Sewer System Installation Surety Bond
  • MI (Charter Township of Brownstown) Sewer Connections License Bond
  • MI (Chesterfield Township) Sanitary/Storm Sewer Systems Performance Bond
  • MI (Clinton County) Sand and/or Gravel Extraction Operation Bond
  • MI (Dearborn Heights) Drainlayer's Bond
  • MI (Detroit) License & Permit
  • MI (Eastpointe) Sidewalk Bond
  • MI (Ferndale) Concrete Builders Bond
  • MI (Flint) Auctioneer's Bond
  • MI (Flint) Building Contractor's Bond
  • MI (Flint) Sewer & Drain Layers Bond
  • MI (Flint) Sidewalk Builder's Bond
  • MI (Fort Gratiot) L & P
  • MI (Genesee County) Sewage Disposal Contractors License Bond
  • MI (Grand Rapids) Grading, Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Permit Bond
  • MI (Grand Rapids) Sidewalk Contractors Surety Bond
  • MI (Kent County) Highway Permits Bond
  • MI (Livingston County) Sewage Disposal Contractors Bond
  • MI (Monroe County) Septic Tank Performance Bond
  • MI (Muskegon County) Right-of-Way Bond
  • MI (Muskegon) Sidewalks, Driveways, Pavements, etc.
  • MI (Norton Shores) Right-of-Way Permit Bond
  • MI Uniform Manufactured Housing Retailer's Surety Bond
  • MI Uniform Surety Bond for Title to Mobile Home
  • MI Uniform Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond
  • MI (Oakland County) Right of Way Bond
  • MI (Oakland County) Sewage Disposal System
  • MI (Ottawa County) Performance Bond - Annual
  • MI (Pontiac) Auctioneer's Bond
  • MI (Portage) Soil Erosion Permit Bond
  • MI (Royal Oak) Drainlayers Bond
  • MI (Royal Oak) Sidewalk Bond
  • MI (St. Clair County Road Commission) Highway Permit Bond
  • MI (St. Clair Shores) Asphalt/Concrete/Curb Gutter Contractor Bond
  • MI (St. Clair Shores) Drainlayers Bond
  • MI (St. Clair Shores) Uniform Surety Bond Right-of-Way
  • MI (Taylor) Drainlayer's Bond
  • MI (Walker) Highway Permit Bond
  • MI (Warren) Excavation Bond
  • MI (Warren) Sidewalk Contractors Bond
  • MI Dishonesty "B" Bond
  • MI Indemnity to Sheriff Bond, Unsigned
  • MI Liquor, Beer, Wine
  • MI Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Bond, Signed
  • MI Non-Depository Sales Finance Company
  • MI Notary Public Bond
  • MI Notary Public E & O Employers Policy
  • MI Notary Public E & O Policy
  • MI Official Bond & Oath, Signed
  • MI One Day Liquor Bond
  • MI One Day Liquor Bond with Application
  • MI Private Detective Bond
  • MI Probate, Signed
  • MI Receiver's Bond, Unsigned
  • MI School of Cosmetology Bond, Signed
  • MI School Solicitor Bond
  • MI Security Alarm Contractor Surety Bond
  • MI Security Guard Agency Surety Bond
  • MI Tax Preparers' Professional Liability Policy
  • MI Uniform Landlord's Security Deposit Surety Bond
  • MI Uniform Manuf. Housing Retailer's Consumer Deposit Surety Bond

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Bond Amt 3 yr Term Premium   Bond Amt 3 yr Term Premium
$5,000 $100   $90,000 $239
$10,000 $100   $95,000 $245
$15,000 $108   $100,000 $250
$20,000 $117   $125,000 $263
$25,000 $129   $150,000 $277
$30,000 $140   $175,000 $290
$35,000 $150   $200,000 $303
$40,000 $160   $225,000 $313
$45,000 $170   $250,000 $327
$50,000 $179   $275,000 $347
$55,000 $188   $300,000 $367
$60,000 $197   $350,000 $387
$65,000 $206   $375,000 $397
$70,000 $214   $400,000 $407
$75,000 $221   $450,000 $427
$80,000 $228   $500,000 $450
$85,000 $234      


Bonds written in $5000 increments. Quote will be provided for amounts differing from above
ERISA Bond Information and On Line Application
Qualified Assets:
Qualifying plan assets are those held by a financial institution, such as a bank, insurance company, 
broker/dealer or regulated entity, mutual funds, participant loans, qualifying employer securities and self directed individual account plans.

NON Qualified Assets:
Non-qualifying plan assets are those not held by a bank or financial institution. For instance, 
a limited partnership, artwork, collectibles, mortgages, real-estate and securities of "closely held" companies are examples of non-qualified plans.
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