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New York Surety Bonds

The State of New York's surety bond requirements are designed to keep the state’s consumers and tax payers safe. Below are listed some of the most popular N.Y. bonds. Please give us a call if you don’t see the bond you’re looking for or have any surety bonding questions.


South Coast Surety is a National Surety Agency proudly serving New York for the past 20 years. NY represents one of our largest markets, and we write all commercial and contract bonds in the state. Our dedicated staff has the experience and knowledge to provide you with the nation's best surety service. Our agency has strong industry connections to offer the lowest bond rates, fast approvals, and provide solutions for all credit levels. 

New York Surety Bonds

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Apply for New York Surety Bonds: 

New New York Surety Bonds:

New York Nail Salon Wage Bond - Apply Now

New York State Athletic Commission Promoter’s License
Corporation Bond of $10,000 (not applicable for wrestling)
Guarantee Bond of $20,000 (to be filed with the State Comptroller

Ticket Reseller
$25,000 bond with separate bonds for each branch office

Appearance enhancement business surety bond 
in the amount of $50,000

Automobile Brokers surety bond 
in the amount of $75,000

Private Investigators, Bail Enforcement Agents and Watch, Guard or Patrol Agencies License bond 
in the sum of $10,000

Bail enforcement agent bond 
in the sum of $500,000

Health Clubs
$50,000 if the health club sells contracts for services for a term not greater than 12 months; or
$75,000 if the health club sells contracts for services for a term more than 12 months and up to 24 months; or
$150,000 if the health club sells contracts for services for a term more than 24 months and up to 36 months
(a) For three to four locations an additional $50,000,
(b) For five to six locations an additional one $100,000,
(c) For seven to nine locations an additional $150,000,
(d) For 10 or more locations an additional $200,000

Telemarketer surety bond 
in the amount of $25,000


  • Janitorial Service Bond, Signed
  • L & P Bond, Signed
  • Lost Instrument Bond, Signed
  • Name Schedule Fidelity Bond
  • Notary Public E & O Group Policy, Signed
  • Power of Attorney (Irrevocable/R-Series)
  • Public Official Position Schedule Bond
  • NY (Buffalo) Self-Service Laundries and/or Dry Cleaners
  • NY (New York) Compliance Bond
  • NY (New York) For-Hire Vehicle Base Station License Bond
  • NY (New York) One Location Street Obstruction Bond
  • NY (New York) Other Than One Location Street Obstruction Bond
  • NY (New York) Third Party, Signed
  • NY (Putnam County) Home Improvement Contractor Bond
  • NY Bond of Administrator or Executor, Signed
  • NY Certificate of Title Bond
  • NY Games of Chance Surety Bond
  • NY Guardian Bond, Signed
  • NY Guardian of Infant Bond, Unsigned
  • NY Independent/Public Adjuster's Bond, Signed
  • NY Janitorial Service Bond
  • NY Liquor Bond Rider -- 2-part form
  • NY Liquor Bond, Signed
  • NY Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
  • NY Notary Public E & O Policy
  • NY Performance Bond (DOT)-Highway Permit
  • NY Plaintiff's Bond for Order of Seizure, Signed
  • NY Plaintiff's Undertaking on Attachment, Signed
  • NY Plumber's Bond (New York City)
  • NY Private Investigator, Watch Guard, Health Club
  • NY Public Official's Bond, Signed
  • NY Stay of Enforcement Bond, Unsigned
  • NY Tax Preparers' Professional Liability Policy


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Bond Amt 3 yr Term Premium   Bond Amt 3 yr Term Premium
$5,000 $100   $90,000 $239
$10,000 $100   $95,000 $245
$15,000 $108   $100,000 $250
$20,000 $117   $125,000 $263
$25,000 $129   $150,000 $277
$30,000 $140   $175,000 $290
$35,000 $150   $200,000 $303
$40,000 $160   $225,000 $313
$45,000 $170   $250,000 $327
$50,000 $179   $275,000 $347
$55,000 $188   $300,000 $367
$60,000 $197   $350,000 $387
$65,000 $206   $375,000 $397
$70,000 $214   $400,000 $407
$75,000 $221   $450,000 $427
$80,000 $228   $500,000 $450
$85,000 $234      


Bonds written in $5000 increments. Quote will be provided for amounts differing from above
ERISA Bond Information and On Line Application
Qualified Assets:
Qualifying plan assets are those held by a financial institution, such as a bank, insurance company, 
broker/dealer or regulated entity, mutual funds, participant loans, qualifying employer securities and self directed individual account plans.

NON Qualified Assets:
Non-qualifying plan assets are those not held by a bank or financial institution. For instance, 
a limited partnership, artwork, collectibles, mortgages, real-estate and securities of "closely held" companies are examples of non-qualified plans.
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