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North Carolina Landscape Contractors' New License and Bond Requirement

As of July 1, 2015, The new NC Landscape Contractors’ Licensing Board (NCLCLB) 
urges all North Carolina landscape professionals to apply for the new Landscape Contractors’
License before the official grandfathering period ends on August 1.

The law requires licenses for landscape professionals who perform landscape contract work valued at $30,000 or higher for a single client, in a single year. But the law’s grandfathering period allows any person who, by December 31, 2014, met the criteria as a current registered landscape contractor, a licensed irrigation contractor; a certified turf professional or an individual who had three years of recognized landscape contracting experience could obtain a license without examination.

Those who qualify under the grandfather provision need to simply submit an application and license fees, and provide a surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit issued by an insured institution to the NCLCLB office. After the grandfathering period ends, landscape professionals will not only have to complete the application process but also pass the multi-section exam to obtain their license.
“As more businesses, municipalities and consumers become aware of the license, it is likely they will choose licensed landscape contractors over non-licensed, regardless of the cost of the project” said Scott Makey, current NCLCLB chairman, and owner of Old Mill Stream Nursery & Landscaping. “Getting a Landscape Contractors’ License now – and maintaining the license with continuing education – keeps landscapers at the top of their field and ready to meet client needs.”

The new license also allows licensed landscape contractors to install landscape projects greater than $30,000 within the definition of landscape contracting, without the requirement of being a licensed general contractor, and establishes licensed landscape contractors as professionals who are responsible and adhere to high standards.

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  • Janitorial Service Bond, Signed
  • L & P Bond, Signed
  • Lost Instrument Bond, Signed
  • Name Schedule Fidelity Bond
  • Notary Public E & O Group Policy, Signed
  • Official Bond and Oath (All State), Signed
  • Power of Attorney (Irrevocable/R-Series)
  • Public Official Position Schedule Bond
  • NC (Cabarrus County) License Bond
  • NC (City/County of Durham) L & P - $2K Limit, Unsigned
  • NC (Contractor as Principal) Highway Encroachment
  • NC (Greensboro) Privilege License Bond, Unsigned
  • NC (Henderson) Municipal License Bond
  • NC (Mecklenburg County) Land Development\Construction
  • NC (Rocky Mount) Electrical Contractors Bond
  • NC (Rocky Mount) HVAC/Refrigeration Contractor
  • NC (Rowan County) Contractor Bond
  • NC (Union County) Contractors Bond, Unsigned
  • NC (Winston-Salem) Electrical Contractor, Unsigned
  • NC (Winston-Salem) Heating Contractor, Unsigned
  • NC (Winston-Salem) Insulation/Energy Utilization Equipment Contractor
  • NC (Winston-Salem) Licensed Sign Erector, Unsigned
  • NC (Winston-Salem) Plumbing Contractor, Unsigned
  • NC Certificate of Title Bond, Unsigned
  • NC Collection Agent's Bond
  • NC Defendant's Claim & Delivery Bond, Unsigned
  • NC Dishonesty "B" Bond, Signed
  • NC Highway Encroachment (Property Owner as Principal)
  • NC Janitorial Service Bond, Signed
  • NC Job Listing Service Surety Bond
  • NC Judgement By Default Bond
  • NC Manufactured Housing Set-Up Contractor
  • NC Manufatured Housing Dealers License Bond
  • NC Modular Building Set-Up Contractor License Bond
  • NC Motor Fuels Tax Liability Bond
  • NC Motor Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond
  • NC Notary Public E & O Group Policy - $25,000
  • NC Notary Public E & O Policy
  • NC Official Bond, Signed
  • NC Plaintiff's Attachment Bond, Unsigned
  • NC Plaintiff's Claim and Delivery Bond
  • NC Plaintiff's Default Judgment Bond, Signed
  • NC Private Personnel Service Bond
  • NC Private Real Estate School Performance Bond
  • NC Probate Bond, Signed
  • NC Resident Broker's Insurance Bond


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$20,000 $117   $125,000 $263
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$30,000 $140   $175,000 $290
$35,000 $150   $200,000 $303
$40,000 $160   $225,000 $313
$45,000 $170   $250,000 $327
$50,000 $179   $275,000 $347
$55,000 $188   $300,000 $367
$60,000 $197   $350,000 $387
$65,000 $206   $375,000 $397
$70,000 $214   $400,000 $407
$75,000 $221   $450,000 $427
$80,000 $228   $500,000 $450
$85,000 $234      


Bonds written in $5000 increments. Quote will be provided for amounts differing from above
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broker/dealer or regulated entity, mutual funds, participant loans, qualifying employer securities and self directed individual account plans.

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Non-qualifying plan assets are those not held by a bank or financial institution. For instance, 
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