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South Dakota Surety Bonds

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  • SD (Sioux Falls) Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter Bond
  • SD Abstracter's Bond, Signed
  • SD Agent to Sell Hunting & Fishing Licenses, Signed
  • SD Bond of Receiver, Signed
  • SD Cost Bond on Appeal, Signed
  • SD Mobile/Manuf Home Dealer Bond, Signed
  • SD MVD, Motorcycle, Trailer, Snowmobile, Boat Dealer Bond
  • SD Notary Public Bond
  • SD Notary Public E & O Policy, Signed
  • SD Official Bond and Oath, Signed
  • SD Plaintiff's Attachment Bond, Signed
  • SD Plaintiff's Claim & Delivery Bond, Signed
  • SD Plaintiff's Undertaking & Preliminary Injunction Bond, Signed
  • SD Plaintiff's Undertaking & Temporary Restraining Order Bond, Signed
  • SD Probate Bond, Signed
  • SD Quiet Title Bond, Signed
  • SD Release of Lien Bond, Signed

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Bond Amt 3 yr Term Premium   Bond Amt 3 yr Term Premium
$5,000 $100   $90,000 $239
$10,000 $100   $95,000 $245
$15,000 $108   $100,000 $250
$20,000 $117   $125,000 $263
$25,000 $129   $150,000 $277
$30,000 $140   $175,000 $290
$35,000 $150   $200,000 $303
$40,000 $160   $225,000 $313
$45,000 $170   $250,000 $327
$50,000 $179   $275,000 $347
$55,000 $188   $300,000 $367
$60,000 $197   $350,000 $387
$65,000 $206   $375,000 $397
$70,000 $214   $400,000 $407
$75,000 $221   $450,000 $427
$80,000 $228   $500,000 $450
$85,000 $234      


Bonds written in $5000 increments. Quote will be provided for amounts differing from above
ERISA Bond Information and On Line Application
Qualified Assets:
Qualifying plan assets are those held by a financial institution, such as a bank, insurance company, 
broker/dealer or regulated entity, mutual funds, participant loans, qualifying employer securities and self directed individual account plans.

NON Qualified Assets:
Non-qualifying plan assets are those not held by a bank or financial institution. For instance, 
a limited partnership, artwork, collectibles, mortgages, real-estate and securities of "closely held" companies are examples of non-qualified plans.
Bonds written in $5000 increments. Quote will be provided for amounts differing from above


Anyone engaged in the business of lending money including creating and holding or purchasing or acquiring retail installment contracts to be a Money Lender and subject to the licensing requirements of SDCL 54-4.  

Payday and Title lenders are licensed as Money Lenders under SDCL 54-4.

Each location must be separately licensed. All licenses expire on June 30th of each year and the renewal application must be filed with our office by the June 15th deadline. The initial and annual renewal fees are set by rule under ARSD 20:07:20:01 and ARSD 20:07:20:02.

State law requires a surety bond in an amount not to exceed the total of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for the first license and two thousand five hundred ($2,500) for each additional license.  Proof of said surety bond needs to be submitted with the application for Money Lending License.  The bond shall be issued by a surety company qualified to do business as a surety in South Dakota.  The bond shall be in favor of the State of South Dakota for the use of this state.


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